At present an initial work on a brand new Quercus material has begun. It will be in the same vein like previous one. However, with greater accent on precision of instrumentation and sound quality. We will put an mp3 sample and new lyrics on the web soon.

We have decided to make a long unreleased material of album „Kverulant“ available for those interested at least through burned copies. Some slight sound changes has occured and we left out the song „Smrt má v duši spánek“ because of its difference in comparism with the concept of album. In the same way we also spread a hardly available minialbum „Nenia“ enhanced with a song „Membrane“. Both CDs are placed in a section discography, you can order them on the following e-mail:



The idea of the project has arisen in the autumn of 2001 out of the need of creating a music that would express our feelings, full of anxiety about the state of civilization and about the disappearance of the values, things, places and moods we honour. We also strived for making a piece of music that would be unlike anything ever made in Bohemia. And also, we wanted to demonstrate what we feel as the true nature of doom metal: Slow, long songs with thick vocals and freezing acoustic melodies combined with rhytmic guitar and background industrial whispers.

Our first song, "Smrt ma v dusi spanek (Death Has Sleep in Her Soul)", which serves as a sort of an introduction to our music, was created by Lord Morbivod by turn of the year 2001/2002. Close after that we made the song "Darkening of God's Gifts". We re-recorded these two songs in the spring and you can hear these final versions on our 2002 Promo. We plan to create songs that would be even longer and slower than the current material; longer and darker.

Our anti-motto is: "Life goes too fast, so why listen to or create music that is slow?"


Quercus - autumn 2002 (Plzen, U Jeziska) Quercus - autumn 2002 (Plzen, U Jeziska) Morbivod - autumn 2002 (Plzen, U Jeziska) Strastinen - autumn 2002 (Josefov) Morbivod - autumn 2002 (Josefov) Morbivod - winter 2002 (Hradec Kralove) Quercus with webmaster :-) - autumn 2002 (Josefov)