QUERCUS - Promo 2002

I heard about this band via the EverDarkGreen Dark Ambient forum run by Stijn of Until Death Overtakes Me. What do you get when you mix Unholy, Skepticism and a bit of Esoteric and put it into the underground metal blender? Quercus! Slow, painful, heavy, depressing, plodding funeral doom metal. Lead guitar lines, low end bass, nihilistic grunts, bleak atmosphere, apathy, depression, torturously slow programmed drumming and use of some samples all paints a cold vision of bleakness and drearyness. Excellent production allows you to immerse yourself in all the splendor of this promo. A grey landscape waiting to take you underneath the dark waters. Certainly one of the best promo's I've gotten in awhile and one that should be taken notice of by a label as this is very promising stuff here.

If you are into extreme doom metal, of the funeral doom type especially this is one promo you should look to get ahold of somehow. Definitely for fans of Unholy, Skepticism and Esoteric. One that shows a very promising future for funeral doom and underground extreme doom in general.

Reviewed by: Michael W. Soucy

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