QUERCUS "Promo 2002" Self-released
7 / 10

Crushing, self-released doom/death from this new Czech duo. With a grim, abrasive personality reminiscent of early Unholy, enhanced by Shape of Despair-style funeral elements, this band delivers a slow, pounding slab of doom that is sheer ugliness (always a compliment). Despite being self-released, the sound quality is actually very good (even if it is a bit raw), the guitar sound in particular comes across as thick and heavy, with the growling brutal vocals matched in sonic abrasiveness by the apocalyptic thundering of the drum machine. I enjoy the way this outfit clashes the dissonance of the distorted guitars with calmer, acoustic passages, which add a strange feeling of serenity amongst all the aural abrasiveness. As one can expect from an extreme funeral doom/death band, most of the songs are very slow and there is hardly any moment here that could qualify as mid-tempo...Quercus is all about slowness and pounding. Despite the somewhat simple songwriting, the sheer power of their sound and the uneasy chilling effect of their dissonant riffs make Quercus a very interesting new addition to the doom/death scene, especially for those looking for a more extreme sound within that genre.

Review at Corridor Of Cells - extreme / dark music webzine